Tribe helps launch Nestlé’s new Milano machine at The Classic Car Show 2016

Nestlé Professional, a world leader in innovative business solutions and menu shaping across the hospitality sector, enlisted Tribe to launch the new Nescafé Milano II coffee machine at The 2016 London Classic Car Show. An event chosen by tribe based on our target audience demographic, male ABC1, status driven. To showcase the new machine we created the ‘Exhibition Of Innovation’ where we guided visitors to the stand through the history of Nescafé with a visual timeline, Nescafé machines through the ages and virtual reality headsets transporting them to the coffee plantations where Nescafé coffee beans originate. Consumers were welcomed by […]

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Inspiring design with Nestlé at The Casual Dining Show 2016

Tribe recently teamed up with Nestlé Professional to raise their profile at a number of Food & Beverage trade shows throughout 2016. The tour kicked off with The Casual Dining Show in February where we brought to life 6 brands under one roof in a replica kitchen. Along with Nestlé Sales Professionals our Brand Warriors offered consumers a varied menu of samples ranging from Maggis inspired Vatapa to Mint Aero Cheesecake and Iced Blended Beverages, all of which could be discovered through an interactive menu incorporated into a touch screen table. Injecting life into the typically corporate trade show environment, […]

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