Brand Warrior Spotlight – Francesca Rollason

Francesca is one of our core Brand Warriors. She is bubbly, committed and a great team player. As a trusted Brand Warrior, she has worked on a number of our high profile campaigns.

We gave her a call to get the lowdown on what makes her tick, what she enjoys about being a Brand Warrior and the small matter of being a world champion.

How did you start working in promotions?

I did a job with my brother and his friend at a festival and loved it! So I googled it (laughs)

How long have you been working as a Brand Warrior?

I have been working for Tribe since I was  18. I am 21 this year, so it’s about 3 years.

What has been your favourite staffing campaign with Brand Warriors?

The ‘Share A Coke’ summer tour in 2013, definitely. It was my first ever tour and I think that I really found myself on that tour, I really grew up.

It was the first time that I got to really learn about the public. It felt like I got to know them, their lives and some of their individual stories. There was a lot of interaction with the public on that tour and that made it special.


What do you think you enjoy most about doing tours?

I have done 7 tours now, I really love representing the brand as I’m really proud of the brand.

I obviously love working with the team as well, we all get along so well, so it doesn’t even feel like work at times. You really need a good team to get you through sometimes. If it’s been a really long and hard day, everyone really pulls together.


You’re an Irish dancer, and recently competed at the Irish Dancing World Championships. Tell us about that.

I’ve been doing Irish dancing since I was 3. For this World Championship I was training  6 times a week, in the gym and in the studio.

I have 2 different teachers who help choreograph my steps and pick out all the little movements, drilling them till it’s right.

Thousands of people from all around the world enter the qualifiers in their regions, and then 10 from each region will qualify for the World Championships.

Each competition at the World Championship’s has about 300 people and we each do two rounds each. The top 50 get recalled to do a third round, which is called a Set Dance.

It was this dance that actually pulled me through; I wasn’t actually winning until that round. It was that performance which made me World Champion for senior girls.

How have you found training, while working?

Promo is the perfect job for me, as it’s flexible. When I need to go away for competitions I can.


I also have to say that Coca-Cola have been really supportive; whenever I’ve had a competition and needed to go away, they have always enabled me to.

What’s the dream?

The dream is to start up my own school and train a world champion

I would also love to go into ‘Lord of The Dance’ which I hope to do  next year. I will continue competing this year and go for the grand slam, by hopefully winning the All Ireland and The Great Britain titles.

After that, I would then hopefully go into a show. That would be amazing – to perform at a show for all my family and friends.

Interview by Haydn Corrodus

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