Tribe give commuters a Nestlé #CerealLift

On Wednesday commuters were taken aback when witnessing our levitating illusionist at London Waterloo. The stunt saw renowned illusionist Sean Alexander posing as a commuter who magically levitated after eating a bowl of cereal, which grabbed attention and raised a buzz across social media.


The idea followed Nestlés research that by the end of the morning rush nearly a third (29%) of UK adults are in need of a lift to improve their mood. Over two thirds (67%) of those surveyed even said they think making time for breakfast in the mornings would help them to avoid their morning mishaps. So our talented creative team got imaginative and bought the #CerealLift experience to them.

The illusionist was accompanied by our team of Brand Warriors offering passers by a choice of Nestlé cereals including Shreddies, Cheerios, Shredded Wheat Bite Size and Gluten Free Honey Flakes with either milk, almond milk, yoghurt, fruit or nuts


Our Art Director Katie Peake was thrilled with the outcome of the experiential marketing campaign:

When I started working on this brief my main objective was to create something unexpected in an everyday environment. I really wanted to put a smile on people’s faces and create a PR stunt that was fun, not serious. The thinking behind the call to action ‘Have you had your Cereal Lift today?’ was really interesting. A third of UK adults don’t eat breakfast which means you effectively run on empty which isn’t good for your overall mood. Working with Sean Alexander (illusionist) we set out to boost the moods of Londoners, on a dreary Wednesday morning in Waterloo station.

Michelle Bull, Marketing Manager at NESTLÉ CEREALS says:

We wanted a stunt to bring to life our #CerealLift digital campaign and showcase that the variety of cereals in the Nestlé Cereals range means there’s sure to be a #CerealLift out there for everyone!



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Words by Annabell Arch