Fisherman’s Delights Launch

Gourmet’s new Fisherman’s Delights cat food is aimed at ‘cat connoisseurs’. We needed it to bring the brand to life and make it relevant to their consumer.

Making the experience

For these cat connoisseurs we created the ‘Feline Food Market’ – a high quality street market that represents quality and everyday convenience.

We took the Market to two BBC Good Food Shows, where a ‘Catch Your Own’ game encouraged consumers to fish for Fisherman’s Delights samples. Gourmet donated £1 to a Cat’s Protection Charity for everyone who played the game. And people could also enter a competition to win a high quality food hamper (for humans).

The results

The stand was a hive of activity and generated a real buzz at both shows. We saw a total of 109,000 people and handed out 23,809 Fisherman Delight samples. The fishing game also generated £1,500 in donations for the Cat’s Protection charity.

A fantastic 1,361 people registered on the Gourmet database and there were 7,608 entries to win a hamper.